Funny or sad depending how one looks at there situation. My thoughts are going back to when as a thirteen year old catholic boy the slow discovery of sensuality began. My first recollection was reading paperback novels that friends of my parents brought back from their trips to their homeland of England. One story that caused a rise was a title that I believe was coffee, tea or me.
This was a story of an airline stewardess whom enjoyed offering herself to passengers either in flight or upon landing at the destinations. Her sexual appetite exceeded anything a young boys imagination could conjure up.
If reading this one might remember or have even experienced the next phase themselves the Catholic Youth Organization mixed dances. How the lights were never dimmed low enough to encourage fraternization, but the music was slowed down every twenty or twenty-five songs to allow slow dancing, always amazed at how the girls knew what to do, how they could move in closer, run their fingers just in the right way along the back of the skull, or neck, and when the right reaction occurred a simple closeness happened and an embarrassed male was captured until the last beat of the drum sounded and a new guitar riff sped the movement so two people separated.
From those moments forward men began the journey of trying to understand why their bodies reacted, how to control oneself, and emotionally accepting that sexuality or sensuality would become a way of life for them.
Over the next days, weeks, months, years this blog will be my wonderment and expression of feelings, past, and descriptions of experiences that have been shared within this body and mind. Possibly will ask questions about what the future may hold for the senior male, try to understand why the female dominance is associated with pay for pleasure, why is it fantasy, or is there reality into power exchange between woman and man?