Stopping for a moments reflection

With the awkwardness of these teenage dances, the social growing of being comfortable talking with someone whom you liked, emotion growth bounced us into the next phase young adulthood.

As a male this became the seesaw battle between education, following a path to professional sports glory, apprenticeships in the trades, or working for a family business, verses the morning feeling between the thighs, the nocturnal projections of wants and desires, visual appreciation of the playboy models or the nudes in penthouse or the Friday night blue movies.

Growing up in the sixties a decade of free love, outdoor concerts, optional clothing, moving through those teen moments into the young adult sense of responsibility so confusing it is a wonder that we are still here. Yes, during these times we tried to discover how to please a girl whom was more woman that we were man. Kissing, grouping, fondling, until we perfected a technique or a comfort zone that did not make us blush or chuckle when those alone moments happened with someone you wanted.

Today if we only knew how the emotional development was far more an intracule element of our future desires would some of the physical trysts been passed over for the understanding of power between man and woman.

How many drive in movies using the back seat of the car could have resulted in more pleasure than embarrassing times. Quick fumbling’s before parents got home from work, or brothers or sisters busted in your room without knocking, stolen kisses under porch lights, all these growing pains making foundations for our future on shaky emotions instead of solid knowledge of what female led relations really meant.

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