Will it be decade by decade?

Working having your own money to spend and the seventies are beginning to show signs of transformation from the industrial society to the society with changes as unions take hold. The changes from a slave to an employer, to the employee realization of importance and power.

A male ego propped up, and with a few coins in his pocket the gentleman’s club beckoned for its share. Reflections almost every industrial town or city had a strip club. In those days there was no lap dancing a dancer had to perform on a small stool placed between your legs, no touching, no satisfaction, just female tease, tempting, and for most boys this was the place to see nudity up close and for a price. Was this the foundation of a female domination that your money earned was to be passed over to her?

These were also the days of nightclubs, alcohol consumption, and the pressures from all sides that time was ticking away, find a good girl settle down get married, have children, be of service to society not a drain.

Magazines like penthouse, playboy with their photoshop pictures causing the dreams of having a trophy wife not the girl next door, were the thoughts during breaks or the ride home from work. In a round about way men were paying for the pleasure with the purchase of these magazines or visiting the gentlemen’s club but were they realizing that this was the master plan of women?

Growing through the decade of the twenties, the education completed, the career started, marriage and children checked off the list, but did men have the real chance to grow, girls becoming women caring for husbands and children aging parents, boys playing games at the gym or field, working, feeling the stress of providing if one could only see that this was a division not a joining, to process the thoughts and feelings, so did men only get a token of emotional growth?

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