Growing a call at a time

With the use of prepaid calling cards, cell phone plans, the hidden costs of keeping the fantasy alive flourished. Yes, a thirty something married man, father of children, junior or senior executive, engineer, designer, or labourer all or none of this mattered online to the dominant woman whom was flexing her power.

A business flourished sex for sale without contact. Phone sex without a phone but over chat rooms, and with each new development of computers the added camera connection, the increase in transmission speed so less and less lag so that the seduction became uninterrupted. Males having the fantasy taste of submission, female dominants learning the technique on how to use their knowledge and their sensuality to encourage men that what their partner could not give they could.

How, we can look back and ask, did we get wrapped up in this vortex and as each year we got older and looked inward and backward that seems like the unanswered question. Marriages survived, inner conflict of cheating was set aside because you were not doing it physically with anyone, not going to a dungeon and having a dominatrix actually put scars on your back. Everyday at work you had conversations with the opposite sex, so did your spouse, so what is the difference if having a conversation with a complete stranger whom you probably would never meet about sex and sexual excitement be considered cheating?

Moral intervention to the large corporations I believe started to change the ideas of what services could be offered online. As more complaints or possibly just a shift in thinking these free rooms, the chance encounters online, faded away, yet the seeds of sexual enlightment had been planted the loss of connections felt like the loss of someone you knew, an emptiness that within your reality relationship seemed to deepen.

When one is looking back in their later years is it the scab of a broken fantasy or is it the realization that a female dominant relationship would have been so much easier to follow and possibly a more lucrative and enhanced life for with her direction and guidance sexual gratification could have been more frequent, money spent on fantasy could have been invested, divorce never would have entered the mind (that may be a pipedream) so possibly with this formula males nirvana is achieved.

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