Getting from the Thirties to the Forties

Fear from the media front, in my time frame as I moved from the thirties to the forties Y2K was rampant, all computers were going to crash if they ran on msdos because the way the operating chips were read. The last two digits were 99 how could they continue to process with the century and year changing to 00. The apple used chip did not use this backward technology it read the first two digits first than the last two, how to understand this world of bits and bytes.

In all this worry and changes happening was sexual gratification changing, were men becoming aware of the female desire to feel sexual pleasure as much as they did. Was the awakening of delayed pleasure more of a push to having greater physical release than the wham, bang, thank you mam idea that was a foundation of patriarchal norm. Had woman for centuries known that if delaying that first wave of pleasure, building on top of it, was a key to controlling not only the body but the mind of their partner also. Had men only thought the reason women were delayed was because of the physical difference of the genital region?

Our Neanderthal outlook, bash and carry into the cave, then run off with the excuse of chasing the next meal, how for the centuries that mentality slowly burned in the mental health of the male species. If the creator had taken any other part other than a rib, would things have been different, guess that is a question for Saint Pete when the pearly gates are before our soul.

The early rise of the 21st century, also the early rise of the cell phone explosion, these hand held devices were not only a phone but powered by chips that allowed them to function as computers in the hand. If a man now wanted to become a submissive to an online mistress, with a good bank account, a secret credit card, and a foolish whim could have a vibration go off in his front pocket sending an electric shock to his blood flow.

It was true anonymity if the Mistress wanted it for her number was usually blocked or going through a service, for the male was he opening up himself for blackmail, or was the belief that goodness would prevail and the fantasy was just being taken to a newer level. One could be with the owner, or in a meeting the phone on silent but the vibration notification triggered the beginning of embarrassment the erectile cells filling with blood, the mind trying to control the outcome, knowing full well that it was a mistress beckoning or having your schedule just playing because she could.

In wonderment how many times did this really happen or was it just the imagination of wonderful female writers taking the outpouring of harlequin romance novels a step further and offering a darker side of romance? Was this period in time a gate swinging open, men realizing that control handed over to a woman created a remote excitement uncontrollable by themselves, and was it just the sex workers that knew what they were doing and found a way to make a living without the pitfalls of street walking, of handing over there earning to an element of force, and as this phenom began to take hold of our society did mainstream women embrace the female led relationship?

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