How grown men might crumble

One of the examples of this world wide web and its explosion when the decade of my forties coincided was the bursting of voices in the ear under the moniker of erotic hypnosis.

Stage hypnosis had been around for years many had the experience in either a nightclub or charity event of seeing six or seven people on stage the hypnotist leaning over and whispering in their ear. A little later in the show a scream could be heard, or a fit of laughter erupted, always triggered by the phrase spoken into that ear. Erotic hypnosis was the brilliant idea of some script writers, who found sensual soft voices to record said scripts, and the new genre of female dominance flooded the world wide web like a tsunami rushing into the mind.

In the earlier days of erotic hypnosis was it a conspiracy of women, to form a cult, that offered page after page of luring, enticing, scantily clad, or full out dominatrix clothing, as if they had a cult, to lure unsuspecting minds into their web of control. The words deeper, down, obey, worship repeated over and over again until the bashing caused the mind to go blank and react to the outcome derived by this massive worldwide cult. Were the unsuspecting men who had the disposable income victims of this cult or compliant participants whom actually had their bodies and mind opened to the idea of female led relationships with all the benefits of sexual gratification and release.

As words echoed from ear to ear, files purchased to listened to as if they were forty-five records of the Beatles, Stones, Beach Boys etc. these erotic hypnosis queens had their own style, cadence, delivery method and formed a fandomme via for each male or female to submit to the fantasy as directed. Slowly the gender did not mater files were being made for all, and couples also the only caveat was that this is for entertainment purposes only not true hypnosis therapy.

Seeds have been sown now the growth within has to be orientated, and an answer figured out is erotic hypnosis just guided masturbation, is erotic hypnosis based on female dominance, is erotic hypnosis fantasy, or can one rationalize that pleasure is controlled by women in anyway she feels like?

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