Coming to terms with the external excitement generator

In the working world by this time in our age we all passed the apprentice and probably a journeyman, moved up the corporate ladder to middle management or higher, put down the payment and moved into the urban neighbourhood.

Our outlook of marriage changing slightly, not all glamour and roses, the children off to school, new parents meeting in school functions, sports games, gymnastics etc., and of course those moments alone in front of the computer screen. Worry lines around the eyes, a few extra pounds around the waist, energy levels sinking slowly so not as much get up and go or confidence outside the workplace. Using google or yahoo at work searching for that item to complete the project, distracted by a noise and a wrong letter typed, as your eyes venture back to the screen the image of a gorgeous, sensual woman starring back at you. What vortex is being created to lure you into the depths of your own thoughts.

Quickly putting on the mute, reaching for the headphones as if receiving a business call, the beauty online has she got something to say of importance or are you just trying to escape. Captured not escaping as her sensual syrup voice explains all the wonder she can perform for you, after all it is her page on the web you found, the sexual undertone of increased libido, of stress relief in all aspects of your life, the renewed gorged feeling of an erectile growth between your thighs just like when you were a teenager. This women new each and every button to tempt you with. As your breathing became a little more laboured, the realization that someone other than your partner could make it rise, as much as you wanted to shut it off the hook was in and the reeling beginning.

Welcome to the world of female led relationships, welcome to dominant control and submissive feelings, welcome to the world wide web sexual stimulus so that there is no need to got to a shrink, no need to take medication for stress, no need to worry about wifey catching you playing with yourself, the only need now was to obey mistress, to bow before her and accept your place at her feet. A new wonder woman who chased away the pains of decision making, who lassoed your libido and controlled your sex drive, the wonder woman who had a name that always started with Mistress, don’t kid yourself she knew how to turn the screws how to make you feel so special after all women had control from the backroom since the days of Eve and Adam.

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