Gripping fantasy or sliding from reality

We have always been taught that as humans not only the thumb but the ability to use our free will. Should one question that the free will is not really free, and will is it a confused state that the male libido interferes with? Questions that only the growth of our relationships can lead to the answer for everyone it may be different, for the dominant woman explaining it to a submissive mind it would always be the same answer.

Can this one answer be such a broadband, a wide brush, that it satisfies or quiets any ruffle that male conditioning allows to surface to the conscious mind. Repeating the same words, yes mistress, thank you mistress, hearing the phrases of obey mistress, slip into mindless obedience, all these elements removing walls within the mind and the weakness being experienced is how the female has taken over and teased the male mind into the loss of will.

When I was a young man a patriarch once told me that an old Irish proverb was that a stiff cock had no conscious. Is this why once a male gets his erection the mind shuts off, the guidance of the cock stiffener takes control, again another example of free will drifting away and being replaced by the soft sensual sounds of control.

In media the adage that sex sells has been known since the advent of time, Eve tempted Adam with an apple, is it fitting that apple is now the large producer of handheld computers known as phones, closed computers based on graphic interfaces, making pictures pop and explode pleasantly before your eyes, who decided that leather thigh high boots with heels, fishnet stockings, corsets that uplift and expose those rounded breasts that tantalize, thongs that barely hide the prize of womanly treasure, would be the visual sex sign of female dominance. Stop for a minute and think is not a woman in any apparel capable of tantalizing the male mind. She can walk with a gate that is mesmerizing, she can smile that melts, she can whisper the bible in a seductive manner, with all these tools does Eve and all her female descendants need the extra advantage of the dominatrix outfit?

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