Five Decades and still confused

This interesting planted idea of the female led relationship or as some refer to it as dominance and submission. Primary players a domme or dominatrix, could simply be a woman who likes her sexual intimacy under the direction and control of her whim and wish. The submissive is the partner who wants no part of directing the time behind closed doors, the participant who gives up control and gets excited when certain phrases are used to trigger their sensual heights.

Was it the religious foundation, a good catholic or Christian upbringing that from the earliest days teaching that prayers and forgiveness were the currency to enter the gates of heaven. Male release without conscience thought, selfish desire, until that moment when heaven was suggested could happen here in the present and behind closed doors, sometimes in public settings.

It is well known that a male’s excitement can be noticed because the tenting in the front of his trousers is difficult to hide from peering eyes. Smirks or outright smiles from the twinkling eyes, upturned sweet lips, and the deep breathing that moves mounds up and down. Since those early days of discovery women could hide their joy, well they reveled in the power of what simple acts caused boys, men to crumble to the confused state of mind.

With each year that this idea perpetuated by the control of women, the sexual pictures online, and even the idea presented in serial television programs, main stream movies and now streaming series a state of confusion is compounded. Why is it so that with the right words spoken or written the crumbs of sex are not satisfying but increasing the starving want for fulfillment. Are we at this stage in life not mature, comfortable in our bodies and minds, secure with the learned knowledge, yet these women who sowed the seeds of lust and submission still nourish and flourish feelings that are becoming harder to fight?

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