Respect Treat Her Like a Lady

In my defense, though my limited contact has been pay for pleasure, the opening of this venture my intent has always been that each and every woman is a Lady first and thus respect is the norm not the forced reaction of a modern day dilemma.

Listen to what a Lady says, not just the words but the passion or the anger behind each syllable, stop the selfish want, and if we can do this will the female led relationship become a partnership. When we hear the words stop, don’t cum yet, stroke harder and faster what are we as a submissive hearing or what is the dominant speaking? Are these the lost moments or the mysteries of manners that have slipped through the ages and lost in the libido manufacturing of glossy media?

Sense not the adjective of touch, smell, sight but an understanding of being tongue tied and not sincere enough to express how and why we react to the direction of a knowing partner. Humiliation at the inept way of expression that most males display when in the presence of a Goddess or Mistress yet the buffoon in us acts this way with the one we are with. Sincerity, truthfulness, qualities that were with us from the beginning until education, society, and failures had us turn to adept speech without conviction.

Growing in age is not a coming of age, sincerity from both sides of the coin and proper listening is what will help each of us understand respect. Relating an experience visiting an adult website searching for answers with each dollar spent thinking of a long time connection was shocked to receive in my inbox that I was on a list of cheap customers. Taking offence to this designation I wrote to the person and politely explained that being called or listed as cheap was a true insult. With many years of cultivating customers and turning them into long term clients, a lesson in humiliation was not a bargain. The Mistress profusely apologized stating it was not the intent to degrade me or insult me it was just that I had purchased a number of her files when on sale. This logic excuse though probably true did nothing to remove the tarnish, it has been over a year since any purchase has been made, any phone call has transpired, and any blog read, sincerity and listening are ways into a mans wallet and into a heart felt experience.

Blogging helps one express what is on the mind, novel coronavirus has destroyed so much of the interaction of people so getting things out in the open is more difficult than even a year ago. This form of communication is and will help, and as I reach out to those who have crossed paths with and beg to read I thank you so very much for the response and helpful tidbits of information that you shared an hope that some more sharing happens.

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