Hump Day or Humor Me Day

Surviving ground hog day, and the majority of rodents were in districts that had little or no sun, so shadows did not scare them back into caves for six more weeks of winter.

If a submissive is in a dominant led relationship is it ground hog day everyday. Was Bill Murray using main stream movie theater to hint at what was a symbolism of his idea of being in a relationship where his thoughts did not matter, the only thing was every day when he woke up all decisions were from somewhere else not his.

As I began to understand this phenom a bit more, the original magnetic pull was that of a sexual nature, a stress relief from days when the pressure of work was intense and felt like balls and chains yet the rewards soared higher than birds in the sky.

BDSM stood for many things the letters interpreted to stand for bondage, domination, sadism, masochism, boredom, direction, servitude, mastery, yet it seemed that it was either men leading the sheep to empty their hides, or very intelligent women whom found the easiest weakness to promote and profit from.

Logic pampered the strong minded that truth in giving up the sexual drive to a woman whom knew all the tricks, some that had never even heard of, could revive that limpness caused by the stress or the lack of use and attention from the mother of your children, the seductress who wore that ring on her left hand, that logic if it worked would bring back the confidence outside the board room.

Of course the first few times the tricks worked an erective experience was achieved, a trick of the mind possibly, the desire not to disappoint so the little blue pill taken what ever the thoughts this female led relationship did not keep up with the times but the hiding behind long distance servers, or cam sessions over the laptops, or phone calls from untraceable phones, the mystery kept the secret desire from flushing itself away.

In these times of stay at home, lockdown, or quarantine how the governments label our existence, the pandemic has given time to ponder and consider just what role or part of the female led relationship, a dominant submissive relationship, is fantasy or reality, if it is based on sex or actual understanding that one more burden can be removed from your shoulders and accepted upon another’s.

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