Terms and Understanding Them

A misleading title for the ambience or the word terms does it mean those used in the world of female led relationships, those used by the authors of audio seduction, those used by the phone sex operators, or does it signal that internal term of feeling when realizing the fantasy or reality.

The male mind so different from the female mind, so many studies done on the conflicting processing of thoughts. Does the male use more logic than a female. Will the female understanding of emotion dictate the outcome of an discussion. Terms within the boundaries of any relationship must be understood if success is to be achieved.

A title is a hopeful gateway into further exploration, for this writer it was a means to help me find out why this form of relationship captured my attention while I was married, now in a widowed state the understanding of the terms sink in a little deeper, and the pursuit is easier for no barriers of guilt, explanations to a spouse, freedom to explore.

Yet each day I discover within something nagging, something troubling, but nothing powerful enough to abandon. My hope is that if others read some of my thoughts will leave comments either positive or negative. If those whom consider themselves a Mistress if they would get in touch and explain away their terms, if Masters read if they could explain how their confidence led them to a dominance or how they trained a woman or two into a Mistress Domination.

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