Second Month Tuesday Tithing

If one has food in their fridge, clothes on their back, a roof over their head, and a bed to sleep in, then you are richer than 75% of the world.

Here in north America that statements seems odd to many middle class people. Yet in every town and city there are those living in the streets we call them homeless, is it the decision or circumstances that bring them here to the streets. Winter is fully upon us and the polar vortex has descended changing the bearable weather into states of frozen tundra.

A little off topic for the blog until it struck me that how is this any different than the times or moments of trying to grasp the reality of the Female led relationship. Are 75% of men not in Female led relationships without food for thought, fully clothed instead of naked at a Goddess’s feet, protected by the umbrella of a Mistress guiding and leading them into the worlds of kink and satisfaction, or having the down comfort of knowing that wherever She wants you to sleep it is with gratitude and pleasure that you slumber away.

The polar vortex lives within us all, when a partner gives the cold shoulder, is not the burning of cold rejection become an unbearable burden of emotion. Or if one has only the pay for pleasure type of relationship online with a Dominant Mistress and wants that five to sixty minute fix, dials up the internet or phone, only to find that she is with someone else or not available at all, like the chilly winds of mother nature you feel frozen out.

Without the degree of psychology, without the education of mental health, these feelings still have to be dealt with, can spells of a witch enter into the system and alleviate the loss or the momentary want, can the audio file hidden in a file on the computer soothe away the feeling of abandonment, reaching for the sensual voice of a female hypnotist to transport the mind into her playground bring the warmth and shelter from the emotional loss?

Questions not answers, solutions not reality, so if you have money in the bank or in your wallet and some spare change you are among the top 8% of the worlds wealthy, but emotionally are you among the top 10% of men who have found the release within a Female led relationship and embrace the handing over of the reigns of control.

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