Hump Day Humming

With the ear buds secured the sounds of a Female Hypnotist speaks down deeper, you belong to me, sink into my words or some phrases that are spoken as if the listener has no thoughts of his own.

To each their own desire or wishes personally the sound of a sensual woman speaking into my ears is the sex stimulant, in real life the instant reaction when a lady leans in, the whiff of perfume, a sensation as the breath tingles the ear lobes, and then the voice whispering the phone book even sends the tingles and charge from mind to body reverberating like snare drum of a rock band.

Seeing that so many streams of society has deemed Wednesday as the hump day, middle of the week, how about those in the power of authority make it the humming day when all or most erotic hypnotist, or female audio entertainers release new files, so that those of us whom crave a change or a new spice can scour the humming site of hump day and recharge or expel the demon of pleasure.

Mature in chronical age, child in play, for the first time in decades these words seem to flow and with no remorse or guilt. Years earlier would have been afraid of what main stream personnel would have thought, embarrassed if someone who knew me realized the wondering ideas conjured up inside the mind, priests and religious zealots praying for my soul, as the gift of words are shared with the world wide web. Understanding that age is not the barrier when reaching majority and unshackled from the restraint of partnership, freedom of self, knowledge of gifting, to explain or express feelings becomes the liberation.

On this Wednesday before the heart day or as some refer to it Valentines day this will be the third year since my wife passed away so for me no rushing out to the store for jewelry, finding that card, creating a chocolate edible treat, no this hump day valentine day is not going to distract from ear buds or noise cancelling headphone as some sexual goddess whispers in my ears to sink deeper or if lucky me stroke harder and faster.

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