Simmering Saturday

How confusing can this life get, yes, we are experiencing a most difficult time, a pandemic caused by the coronavirus, its variants changing and playing peek a boo with the scientists and vaccine manufacturers. Living in this winter wonderland some of the information is that during the colder days the virus travels faster and more efficiently so therefore more confirmed cases of infected people, how interesting if the emotional aspect of a female led relationship could slip into the confident minds of males.

Today we heard that an entertainer apologized for incidents that happened in his past, coming to a realization that his actions were accepted and hidden behind the society we lived in at the time. Is this the beginning of acceptance that woman who have believed in their power are now able to openly discuss and show their female led relationships without ridicule and shame. An awakening and embracing of a lifestyle that women are going to openly talk about no longer behind the closet door, men bowing and obediently responding so that gratification be discovered by everyone.

As the last twenty four hours tick away when the day of cupid appears with his hearts and arrows piercing the armor of intended targets will Valentine day be the one where women shower the gifts upon their good boys, and the good boys allow the simmering lust within escape like the steam of a slow cooker in the form of hearts and flowers. Saturday and Sunday the days we all used to look forward to, weekends I think we called them, with stay at home orders, lockdown , celebrating with the Domme or Mistress of our life will be behind closed closet doors not because we are ashamed but because that crazy covid-19 is dictating.

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