Beginnings to Present

It all began during that first month of 2010, when through the forum on hypnofantasy I got directed towards a lovely community called Inraptured. With the right to sleep I was introduced to the sensual voice of Isabella, Nikki had soothed the ears into a pleasant sense of yearning through her because series and the joint effort with Shiri with a game of imagination.

These ladies opened up a whole new world of listening to seduction in a completely different venue than that of straightforward sex phone calls. Mistress Candice took a moment from her very busy schedule answering messages and sharing a wonderful guidance with files like the giantess and Magicians Assistance, which led me to embrace her voice in my mind and ears.

The winter cold and deep snow made many a night to be warmed by listening to these dominant thoughts passing through and then the Enchanting way Isis arrived in the chat room and her insight into a soul that needed to be shown that dominance from a female was equal to feelings of arousal never sought or felt before. As the snows began to melt and trickle down the road to the rivers, so did the feelings of control and male superior attitude, the voices of the Hypnodomme eroded no, awakened the deep inner need to find the answer. Trance or submission the search was now becoming a daily ritual.

Mia Stern using a very unique way of intelligent compliance of words and ideas to cause arousing signals from areas within the mind that kept hidden and only showed itself with her voice. A dream weaver creating a belief that though Ed was a way of life or absence had caused the muscle not to engage or erupt, the idea of a blue dream or bedtime submission at the voice of Danika awakened a new age of hope. The sting of a Black Widow so well known to man was the complete opposite of this beautiful British Lady who joined and spun her web around and around so that new ways of listening developed.

The Inraptured community a true paradise of a mosaic woven by the difference of fetishes and country; contributions from Ellechemy brought her Canadian dominant ways by way of free files drawing one down into a Vortex feeling n.slaved and senseless. A beat driven by the pounding rhythms of Congo percussion and hypnotic music luring the mind into states that only Mistress Joanne could conjure up using notes of five to nine anything that was seven plus or minus two. An Australian import to the USA let the idea of Green Eyes and puppets bring Josie to life with a captivating voice and the short files reaching deep inside the fantasy to draw out playtime pleasure.

From an adaptive beach scene the imaginative Lady whom likes to control a beast between Her thighs strolled openly into the fray of mind control with Obedience being a theme to be At her command and learn to Quiver for Mistress, the talked about dungeon at the palace of Mistress Carol became a popular fantasy of a planned vacation from the cold winter to a sunny warm California climate. Would it be the heat of the atmosphere or the heat conjured up by a Mistress that caused such hot soothing thoughts. Many other Ladies slipped in and out of the forums and chats making an impression or a tempting taste to let the mind chase after or listen too in a chat format with their hot ideas.

Yet with all this stimulation the answer or the fantasy was still being nourished along and then the beauty of some of the true clinical hypnotists began sharing their constructive ways and their closet dominance. Tessa a stunning lovely Lady sharing Her insight with girl friends teaching them some of the use of language and willing to step up and try to unlock the critical barrier or barriers wanted so much to share the beauty of trance with honest sincerity. Madame Raison Detre raising the bar even further, using her secret ways of preparation, to almost guarantee that every skype session is a pleasure to treasure. MRD sharing her photos, offering games and classroom settings, helping lure the fantasy along the path downward to capture even more of the community into the fantasy.

Sapphire Rain a staple in chat the friendly Princess that visited from another dimension to entertain and show her abilities with the many followers that only added flavor to this wonderful community.  In every community there are different strokes for different folks and Mistress Zaida has made very wonderful inroads to convert those whom follow Her Control to Come to Her and Repeat After her to experience one day a week without meat. The gorgeous pictures that Mistress Zaida shares may have some drooling but it is Her English ways and tones of voice that removes the FX from the file and still takes one into her guided tour of the mind.

And with every community even in fantasy has its tribe and the Inraptured tribe seems to follow a dedicated seductive leader by way of Inamorata. As each and every file is listened to the fantasy for a real life session grows. Inraptured provided the vehicle to let me express myself in forms, blogs, chats, and responsive answers. All this was surpassed with a true fantasy happening.

Working away at the grocery store, down on my knees placing oats away on the bottom shelf a pointed leather toe nudged my thigh. The gentle touch brought my eyes around and following the toe across the bridge to the ankle the shinny well polished leather acting like a mirror reflecting my portrait back at me. A soft cough to catch my attention and bring my chin and eyes upward. Stopped before getting a look at this interrupting force with amazing boots. A crooked finger motioning me to stand up, as I raised myself up hands on my shoulders spun me around, and lips beside my ears. Words began to fill my head.

“Such a bad boy, so conditioned, sleep, deeper down, sleep”

This is where I wish she were here to fill in the blanks. I recall finishing the shift and then driving down the road to the only local motel. Parking in front of a room and then taking my scarf and making it into a blindfold and walking straight to knock on the door. Thinking back where did this trust come from. I was ushered into the room and felt well manicured soft hands undress me.

Like a blind person my elbow was taken and I was led to a running shower and received a wonderful warm wash that was very refreshing, the scarf was replaced with a blindfold. I remember a very soft sensual voice speaking, guiding, the tones changing and like a soft cloud a floating sensation took over my whole existence. My mind raced trying to figure out whose voice I was hearing. I asked for a hint and was told that the every one of my articles on Inraptured had been read, that my stories were transports to fantasy moments.

Knowing that her pleasure was the ultimate expression of submission and trying to remember what happened can only be pieced together by the marks left on my body. The equal scratches along my neck, as if made by leather boots, the marks on each of my shoulders as if something was dug into them. Stepping out of the shower in the morning at my own home turning I saw the two parallel sets of four lines running down from my shoulders to my butt. Then something astonishing I noticed five half moon indentations on the bottom of each of my ass cheeks.

My only connection to reality were these marks, the fantasy of having pleasured a Mistress while under trance, and the fact that I can not remember the motel room number, or the actual erotic adventure that I was guided through all figments of my imagination or a planted Inraptured fantasy.

This was something I wrote over a decade ago, and this past week from a new twitter universe, the thoughts, the wishes, have begun all over again, no connection with the site Inraptured, the only contact now is through a site called niteflirt, but again something holds me at bay, not my mind, not my new interest in the pen pal world of communication, but the concept of spending money to be disappointed again.

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