Light Bulb Realization

How when someone takes the time to formalize an idea to write an erotic story, or possibly due to pandemic curfew, stay at home order, or just common sense avoid crowds, the light bulb inside the head flashes on.

Bright ideas, dull darkness illuminated, all these concepts come to light when idle time is enhanced with sweet meditation, deep breathing, of even if one is lucky a little self or directed hypnosis.

Hypnosis is the concentrated focus and relaxation of the muscular structure, it is stated by many that a woman’s voice is naturally hypnotic, that the sensual annunciation be it a deep throaty drawl, or the higher pitched school girl giggles, for either extreme for the reception of a male mind these noises can bring about bright internal awakenings.

If male’s are honest with themselves and truly think back to the first teenage days, the girls in the neighbourhood were the controllers, yes, boys tried their best to kiss or cop a feel, but if the girl was not ready it was not allowed.

How many men when courting a woman had ample sex before marriage, only to find out that the woman knew that he was hard working, a good provider, an adequate lover, and once the paper work was dried, the ring on the finger, and the honeymoon over, her body reverted back to hers and only offered when it would gain her the favor she wanted.

Well during this lockdown or pandemic growth we have been experiencing these past fourteen months or so, the explosion of online connections has again reinforced just how much men are willing to spend or offer in time to find that elusive arousal. Porn is abundant, erotic hypnosis has so many new ladies claiming to be hypnotists, it is a total chaos, gender equality for who, are there women out there who would pay for sex from men on the phone, or purchase a fifteen to thirty minute pre recorded hypnosis script guiding them to experience sensual heaven?

Rambling of a twisted Tuesday.

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