An Idea Vanilla to Seduction

A senior citizen is not always looked upon as virile, or even tempting to most women unless they all live down in Florida, but here in Canada we are the forgotten force.

Helping out with the local minor hockey league meeting many of the coaches and their wives, some of the single parents who struggle to give their children the same opportunity, it was easy to find a group to chat with at the annual awards and end of year wrap.

In the group were some highly intelligent women who understood that hockey was still a white man run organization and some changes from their perspective needed to be heard by the executive and the governing body. One of these women who someone referred to as Jill spoke with confidence and when interrupted gave a tone of annoyance that seemed to quiet the person, a stunning looking woman, jet black hair shoulder length cut in a bob style, standing with heels at around five feet eight inches, a nice firm chest pushing out a blouse under a tailored cut jacket, slacks with cresses down both legs, and shoes with a modest heel.

Jill made a comment on equipment which was only partially correct, as being a trainer, a coach, and having worked in the skate shop knowing something about this subject I politely asked if my two cents could be added. Explaining in simplified terms that what Jill had missed was that the helmet and the padding inside were integral parts and manufacturing changes to one had to be done to both for the concussion issue to be addressed and hopefully prevented.

The smile she gave me for clearing this up was warm and sensual like a summer sun beating down after a cooling rain.

Dinner being called to my surprise Jill sat beside me at the ten-person table.

During the main course she placed her hand on my leg just above the knee and gave a little squeeze as I turned to her hazel eyes seemed to go right through me and sent a shiver along my spine.

Every time that her hand was free it slipped down and squeezed my leg and moved up a little closer to my thighs. To say the least the food was not registering in the taste buds, and the loins that had been doormat for some time were coming alive.

These feelings were something I had not experienced in over four years, my wife had been sick for a year and it had been about three and a half years since her passing,. Looking, around the table it did not seem anyone was aware of what Jill was doing, and each time I tried to ask her mouth was filled with food or her hand left my left leg. I was becoming a sexual mess and the teasing was causing tenting in my pants that would not subside.

There was a break while the staff cleared away the dinner plates, and the MC started to outline the events of the evening, Jill leaned over and her hot breath on my ear whispered how would you like being my boy slut, and as the words sank in she ran her nails along the length of my cock and chuckled.

Feeling the blood rush through me, my face turning bright red, one of the guests sitting across asked if I was alright, she kicked my ankle and I answered must have been the pepper, as I turned the smile on Jill’s face was enough to send more shivers it felt like she was pleased with my reaction.

Deena a single mother who had been a regular customer at the shop sat opposite Jill, and asked me a direct question, clearing my throat, answering as my words started to come out Jill began a rhythmic squeezing of my leg. Deena smiling and with a knowing look in her eyes just said excuse me little girl break and Jill pushed her chair back, pretended to stumble putting her hand forcibly on my shoulder, leaning she said,” better be sitting here boy when I get back”. The two girls went off to the washroom.

I was falling completely into the seductive plan of this woman, the soft hands how they caused a smooth, leg muscle relaxation, a sensual seducing mental massage of male ego, with Jill gone my mind began to wander why the hazel eyes penetrated, why I seemed to be transported to a blank incoherent state, and the sudden release of pent-up emotion.

Though her hand was no longer on my thigh, my manhood still had a throbbing sensation, an excitement that was unable to be concealed, how I suddenly felt like a teen boy, filled with anxiety, sexual energy, and male insecurity. For reasons that defied his logical, analytical mind, he obeyed, sitting, and trying to understand what was happening. His reading of sex stories online gave him a possible understanding what Jill’s words meant a possible comprehension of her intentions and though internally he was scared, I seemed frozen waiting nervously on the chair until she returned from the washroom.

Jill sat down and in a low tone not too be heard by anyone else, she told me that Deena her slut and pet, had a crush on me, as I flushed with an emotion burst of male ego, she continued but I think you’re a very handsome man, and too hot for my slut to have, as these words were being spoken Jill was sliding her hand up and down the inside of my leg, her finger nudging my ball sack, just inches away from teasing my hardening cock, “I want you Richard, I want you so much my pussy is leaking soaking my panties. But won’t do anything unless you Richard asks me to, unless you want me to take you!”

Turning my head to the side, my eyes like a deer caught in headlights, locked on her hazel eyes which seemed to bore into my weakening, horny self, Jill was securing her dominance, unlike most of her seductions, she was proceeding with compassion and tenderness. Sensing he was so close to submitting, knowing that her slut was watching paying attention with a tinge of jealousy, Jill was experiencing the ultimate high, better than alcohol, better than drugs, a two pronged lasting repeat satisfaction, as the seduction was nearing completion, her mind flashed that she wanted to make love to this man, so his body and mind were hers as long as she wanted him, but she desperately need Richard to ask, that was the submission, the begging, and the uncontrollable desire to submit she had orchestrated.

Jill had a knowledge of just what a submissive began to feel the first time that she controlled them, in this public setting the first steps had been successful, she knew that this man was also afraid of humiliation another strong driving force she derived pleasure from, with her hand again under the table this time running along his length, the bulge pushing tighter against his slacks, when the moan escaped his lips, the thought of orgasmic bliss was first and foremost on his weakened mind, “ Jill, please!”

“Please, what, Richard,” Jill asked her hand now covering his hardness, through his restrictive slacks, and suddenly his leg felt another foot move up and down from ankle to knee, with open eyes, Deena had now sat opposite him.

Richard was becoming desperate now, he no longer could resist the growing desire that had been growing since the first look into her eyes and the pressure of her fingers and palm on his leg, in an almost begging tone, “Please, Jill stop, I’m on the verge of coming.”

A chuckled escaped her lips, and Deena was smiling as if she knew exactly what he was experiencing, as the dessert was being cleared off the table, Jill leaned over, using, the rattling of dishes and raised conversation around the room, on his vulnerable neck planted a couple of kisses which she knew would send him into a space he had never been before.

She said let’s get out of here, standing up he was mesmerized and stood also and tried to move the hardness in such a way that he could walk out without total embarrassment. As the took a few steps towards the door her diabolical mind wanted one more humiliation moment, stopping dead his body ran into her, she decided to grind her ass against him making him even harder and the shivers it sent through her knowing that he was going to be putty in her hands.

Leaving the community center and into the parking lot Jill grabbed Richard’s hand, and told him to lead her to his vehicle. Reaching his truck, she pushed him against the side, her lips soft and sensual took his mouth and leaned in causing fireworks to explode inside Richard.

Richard starving for affection opened his mouth slightly and felt the chill go through his entire body when, her lips captured his, and her teeth lightly bit his lower lip, like a light bulb illuminating, a sudden brightness exploded in his head, he had for too long ignored his sexual desires. No longer as he melted into this wonder woman. Her kiss started gentle and sweet but became more passionate as the two bodies began to gyrate and grind together.

Jill slid her tongue into his mouth, ramping up the sexual passion she was controlling. She smiled at his confused state and spoke for the first time since they left the banquet, “Have you ever been dominated by a woman?”

“No,” was his breathless reply.

Jill in the dim light of the parking lot slid her hand down and grabbed hold of his hardness, “Dang Richard your so hard and can feel that throb right through my hand. Did I get you that hard?”

Richard began to moan and with each squeeze and rub those moans increased, Jill could tell that he was so close, so took her hand away, stepped back, in the silence she heard his whisper, “No, please don’t stop.”

She just smiled at him, “All good things come to those who wait.”

Getting into his truck, the sparks that were behind his eyes, his cock so hot and throbbing, begging for release, he was learning that this beautiful woman had the power. He had never felt this good, hard to believe how on edge of complete bliss he teetered by just a touch and a kiss.

The engine caught and the rumbling was felt right through him, Jill reached over her hand on his neck and pulled him across the counsel and kissed him again, this time she probed his mouth with her tongue, swirling and exploring his hot cavern, breaking the kiss she said, “Are you ready to cum, handsome?”

Jill not waiting for an answer kissed him again this time with her hand rubbing up and down the length of his throbbing manhood. Ramping up her tease, she bit his earlobe, and kissed more liked licked his neck, all the time her hand teasing him, fully clothed, she stopped and told him to take her home.

Not knowing where she lived and unable to fathom words in his state of arousal he drove to his house. Inside the desperate look in his eyes, the escaping moans, made Jill realise that Richard was not going to cum, she was going to give him an orgasm.

Teasing, Jill asked, “what do you want from me Richard?”

“Suck, Fuck me, please!”

Wanting to hear Richard beg a little and hear him say words out of his comfort zone, what first, tell me.

“Please suck my manhood,” Richard spoke barely audible.

“Do you mean your hard throbbing cock?” Jill asked her hand squeezing it, and her breath hot and blowing on his exposed neck.

The cardinal rule of a dommina’s power was always to make the sub beg to please you, make them give in to you completely first. To have them hold onto their desperate need to orgasm for as long as possible,

A man soon as he comes he may see straight, his shame, the guilt, combined may prevent him from completely submitting. Domming, Jill new the cardinal rule, but she felt a different power over this man she had plucked from the group and it was something she could tease her submissive Deena with.

Jill could not believe how horny she was and how badly the need to cum was consuming her every thought. Part of her wanted to force Richard to his knees and bury her pussy in his mouth, the other cerebral part wanted to desperately drift into a sexual bliss, to allow the soft, sweet pleasure of her seduction to reverberate in her forever.

Richard ignoring the humiliation of soiling himself, let his hand and fingers to drift lower and put a pressure on his seducer’s pussy lips, not grazing over her swollen clit. The rebound from his seduction was beginning of the fun and tantalization hopefully leading to a final destination of coitus.

Jill’s gasp and moans increased adding to the excitement Richard was feeling throughout his whole body. His tongue forced its way past her lips and into a hot waiting oven of a mouth, the tips began to duel in an intensity that was kin to the battles of Romans and Crusaders. Her scent drifted up assaulting both their nostrils like pollen in allergy season.

The scent lingered, intoxicating Richard, in a way he had never experienced in his life. He was unaware that it was a trigger to his submission, a powerful booster, so focused on rubbing the lips of his dominant seductress, the kissing of a beautiful woman, he forgot about his damp wet trousers until Jill undid his belt and button and dropped them to around his ankles.

As she started to garner control back, Richard immobilized by his trousers and boxers, with Jill, a sexual mess, the feelings of pleasure without an orgasm, having her stuck in a sensual state of perpetual numbness, as her orgasm, lingered, like waves lapping against a sandy beach shore. Leaning in against his cheek, so he could not see, her eyes closed and she for the first time truly imagined Richard as a lover not another submissive.

Shocked inside as this realization fluttered with the waves of sensuality, Jill recalled how in high school her first love had cheated on her, then and there was the decision never too be attached emotionally again, treat sex as a temporary euphoria, that is all it was, a moment of satisfaction, the sexual and sensual release, not a feeling of passion and intimacy, this woman would never allow herself to get hurt again, how and why with each touch of his hand and kiss of his lips were feeling filtering back and intimate want becoming stronger.

Jill had to regain control biting his earlobe, feeling the shivers run through him, whispering, lead us to the bedroom. She knew that only one thing could happen now, tie him up make him whimper and beg, kissing all the way down the hall and into the room, playing with his hardness, and his hands stroking her mound, she pushed him backwards onto his bed.

Years, of shackling her slaves, and having her handcuffs in her bag, she made quick work of securing his wrists to the headboard. Looking into his closet found two ties, and bound his ankles in a spread-eagle way, her prey was now at the mercy of what ever whim she conjured up.

Richard squirmed, rose his hips as high off the mattress as he could, his inflamed manhood throbbing at an angle almost perpendicular with the ceiling. The rush of emotions, the carnal lust coursing through his every nerve, fiber, and muscle, as Jill kissed him from head to toe, and then the cold steel of scissors cutting up and with a strength that shook him she tore away his shirt leaving him totally naked for her prying eyes.

Turning his head to the side she jumped off the bed and did a very deliberate strip tease, the articles of clothing coming off one at a time, she knew his weakness would keep his eyes from closing. Naked as he was she sat on his face the first taste of his downward spiral, her first chill that went up her spine, a moan loud and clear, as his tongue moved up the pink folds, tasting the moisture of lust, and then flicking her button, as it peeked out of its protective hood. Jill convulsed from head to toe with each flick of his tongue, harder and harder her body became, the need to orgasm increasing, just as the flood was to break open and soak him, she lifter herself off and left the room.

He began to dose off, the stimulation draining most of his energy, the shackles keeping him in place, and the silence, not having a clue as to what just happened. Would his children find him tied up like an animal, when would they come to visit him, how long would he last like this without water, food, fear slowly crept into his mind, causing him to want to drift off to sleep and regain energy.

Laughter echoed from the hallway, sounded like two female voices, as he brought the awareness from the slumber the bodies of Jill still naked and that of Deena were standing to the side of the bed.

Jill began to strip Deena of her clothing in-between some deep thrusting of tongue in each others mouth. Pushing the naked Deena over the edge of the bed, on top of the shackled male, spreading her pet’s thighs open, Jill started the power exchange with licks across Deena’s clit, watching the voyeuristic look of Richard and her own amusement at the reaction of being the true seductress. Jill knew she controlled the how and when the orgasm would hit, also how intense the intimacy, the power, stopping for a moment asking with such a maple syrup voice “Deena is this what you wanted, Richard helpless for you, what will you do to come, my pet?”

Deena reached out and tweaked the nipples on Jill, the sight was uninhibited for Richard the pawn in this game of two sensual women. Jill and Deena both let a long low guttural moan as they seemed to have orgasms bubble inside them, and Richard his manhood came to attention at the sensual sounds filling the room. Jill stopped her onslaught of kisses and licks on her pet’s pussy, Deena stopped in wonderment waiting for instruction.

Having both Deena and Richard on the brink, the lingering pleasure, refusing to push either over the edge, seeing their frustration in pleading eyes, knowing that the focus for them was to orgasm a singular thought controlled and orchestrated by her.

Thrilled at the sexual admission she told her pet to ride his hard throbbing cock to plunge up and down as hard as she wanted too, and with watching Deena mount Richard’s cock, Jill sat on his face, her dripping pussy leaking her honey down his throat and smeared all over his face.

All three instantly felt the rush of the other, eyes closed, moans silenced as the two women with dancing tongues in each other’s mouths, the moment frozen, simply a snapshot of what, lust, life and sex should feel like. The dam bursting as Deena flooded Richard’s cock, he erupted like a cannon inside her squeezing, milking fleshy womanhood, and Jill releasing a torrential flood down his throat almost suffocating him, this sweet, messy, release was a life-affirming, completely overpowering, and totally intoxicating event.

Like a lightning illumination of rare proportions, the heat of pure human passion, expectations non-existent, consequences unforeseen, for the three of them the future was wide open, anything was possible, Jill had never believed that an orgasm could make a moment stand still.

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