Mental Seduction by a Woman

How wonderful it will be to again go into stores or malls, the virus under control, only hope is that it happens before the snow flies again.

During the summer and early fall women wear shorts, heeled sandals, summer dresses with pumps varying from an inch up to five inches. Their legs long and slender looking, the sway of their backside, hypnotic in nature to the tune of a metronome, the alluring sight drawing the eyes of both male and female admirers.

What if in a mall one of those hidden doors was slightly ajar, and one of these sensual women grabbed your hand pulled you inside, hit the door with her hip shutting it, then pushed you against the wall and slowly bit your lower lip.

Your initial shock transported to the slow rise of blood, your manhood responding, your head lightened, and then the full lips caress yours, almost as if a little pressure was turning on a switch inside your head. The aroma of her perfume drawn deep by the intake of your surprised breath. A warmth on your chest as her breast pressed trying to collapse your lungs.

The creator created difference of appendage and receptacle brought to instant awareness as the light swaying and grinding of hips that became the musical beat of response. She knew exactly what was wanted and nothing was going to stop her. Your mind now reeling from the hormones being released, not a word spoken but the seduction was in full swing.

Her lips leaving your mouth, trailing along your jaw, up to your earlobe, sucked in and lightly bitten, a burst of male submission echoing through your body. The chuckle escaping her mouth sending shivers down your spine which her fingers feel as they caress up and down your back. Involuntarily you push outwards trying to create friction between the opening thighs. A whimpering moan silenced by the return of her lips upon yours, the mouth opening in acceptance, her tongue taking full control, circling yours, drawing yours into her hot waiting cavern, she has you under her spell now.

Women seem to have all the tools, hourglass figures, tempting teasing minds, seductive predatory ways, neither male or female stand a chance in refusal, if the female led relationship dynamic is sensed the confident, dominant, lady will have you falling, she will map out her plan, she will be relentless, and you the target, are seduced mentally and physically, only hope is that as the embracement is recognized the pleasure of giving the gift of submission, she treasures and enhances with a sapiosexual enhancement.

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