Male internal struggle, easy seduction

How is it the male has flashbacks to when his libido lusted out of control from the very first early days of his puberty expressing itself with a growing between the thighs either at night while sleeping, or first noticing a girls legs under her school girl tartan skirt, two tone polished shoes, the first realizations that their bodies were different.

Monogamy is or was the foundation of so many relationships, and almost every male knew that he had to steal glances of pretty women, or at least of women who offered a different look than his partner. Justification always overruled the logic, it is just a stare or a quick look, nothing but fantasy fodder. Harmless because he had no intention of straying from the matrimonial or comfortable cohabited confines to chase the fantasy dream.

Female hidden secret, this is a secret that a co-worker confided in me one time when much younger did not make a lot of sense to me. She explained that a woman dresses to get compliments from the competition or other women, stop and think men, she smiles and thanks you for the expected compliment on how she dresses to go out with you, but the first female that compliments her on her makeup, hair, or clothing choice the smile is from the soul, eyes gleaming, lips curling, and a proudness that comes escaping outward that you did not elicit, so women prepare to go out not really for their man, but to get that ego boost from another of their own.

Dilemma now once a relationship is over due to breakup, death, or whatever the reason is it monogamy or female approval that the single person is in search of. Is this the chance for an opportunity to explore a female led relationship or flex your muscles and become a dominant male predator or seducer, can the hidden you ever be discovered or is it hidden in clouds like the internet pushes these days.

Fantasy forming within this writer’s thoughts being put to paper or in this case computer screen. Widowed, searching to explain feelings, going back a decade or so when the world of BDSM was playtime and free on the open chat rooms for all to be vortexed in. Sitting on my front porch, reading the erotic stories on adult friend finder, or literotica, wondering why the whims of story tellers all seemed to blend together. My own understanding was from the distant outlook, a hope because once or twice in my stumbling a dominant woman over the phone or in email exchanges caused that swinging appendage between my thighs to uncontrollable expand, throb, and want an explosion to happen, and yes, memory makes me believe that these couple of times she did orchestrate a mess.

A new neighbour had moved in across the street, during the winter months extremely hard to tell much for not many leave the house during the months from December to April, snow, blowing cold north winds, the norm of a Canadian winter. Using my pen name or internet name Icetiger had started to form an outline to the story when out of the corner of my eye saw this blond, dressed in a crop top, and cut off denim shorts cross the road, her angle seemed to be headed in my direction.

She took the two steps of the porch in one, the muscles of her thighs glistened in the sun, athleticism in the perfect mount of movement, and her smile brighter than any ray of sunshine I had seen. Putting out her hand to introduce herself, I rose from the chair and with a firm grip felt by both, accepted, and responded with my name.

Her eyes caught my computer screen just before it blanked out and the demeanour changed.” Did I catch you at an improper time?” Clair said with such a sensual tone.

“Absolutely not, just doing some reading or research.” Was my reply, with as much honesty in my voice.

Clair went on to say she frequented that same site often especially when her husband was out of town, or when her parents took the kids for a night or two. Shaken and taking a deep breath while this stranger, but incredibly attractive young lady stood in front of me, I simply asked if she had read an author by the name of Icetiger1227. “No,” should I she asked?

“Depends, his writing is about domination and submission.” Came my reply, sort of a combination of erotic hypnosis, female led relationships, and all with an undercurrent of sexual seduction.

Smirking just short of bursting out laughing, Clair expressed how in her faintest imagination, did she think suburb living, would offer her kink up on a silver platter.

Suddenly she pulled me over and kissed me deep on the lips. This just came out of nowhere; I did not know how to react or what to do. We were blocked from the street by the evergreen bushes in front of the railing, and the truck blocked any side view. I lost all touch of reality as I felt the source of all my fantasies as the softness of her lips planted themselves on mine and gently nibbled my lower. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me closer, only to break the bite, then push my lips apart with her tongue, and kiss me again, just with more passion.

My mind became a blank, felt like I loss all control, knowing that this was wrong fighting an urge to push her away. The hidden urge suppressed for so long, all that I had wanted took over and I just let it continue to happen. My male member so erect, throbbing hard, almost bursting through my lounge pants.

Breaking the seductive kiss, a sinister smile, hard breathing audible above the singing birds, her eyes looking into mine, “Why aren’t you stopping me Ice?”

Without giving me a chance to answer she pushed me back to make sure we were hidden from view, kissed me again a little deeper, and reached down and gave my hard maleness a pressure squeeze;” So hard already, all I did was kiss you!”

Smirking she gave my cock a squeeze, “admit it, if I were to command you right now, you’d obey and totally do as told!”

“I wish my man saw me the way you do, I know you see me as young and cute. Flattering. Someone like me could be such a dream girl to a nice man like you.”

Clare turned and walking back swaying her backside with a little more swagger, stopped and asked “Do me a favor Ice, think about me tonight.”

Is this the time in his life when he becomes a pet tiger?

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