A Moment of Realization

A virtual reality felt like a real life admission. Time is a fleeting experience sometimes repeated continuously, other like grief dragging on and on, or with an awakening like a light bulb switch turning on. Erotic hypnosis is a tool that some ladies who call themselves mistress or goddess use to create that timeless moment, a focused concentration, complete relaxation, what if erotic hypnosis does not exist?

Many males or females admire these women who have toned their bodies, sharpened their minds, listen with an openness for that special moment in conversation when they insert a request that resonates like a command to the pure essence of the listener.

Creating a playground or space within one’s mind where an opportunity to experience the power exchange, a submissive challenge that is confusing yet decisive to cause action, complete the task something as simple as kneeling. The challenge is no longer constructed by the swinging of a pendulum back and forth, the sultry script reading, but a desperate push of the limits to give in and feel the first rush of submission.

Conversational hypnosis blends the surrender of oneself into the guidance of a superior or confident person usually beautiful in your eyes, and they know just how to dangle words so to ignite your fantasies. In test messages the emotional connection can still be made. The mind can be crafted and molded to the liking of the dominant, and the idea of being helplessly devoted is flourishing from mind to soul.

Months of conversation, enjoying the difference of male outlook, to female understanding, a Mistress, a male client. The go between an internet provider who keeps each at arms length, she can not contact him, he can not contact her so they meet in the chat room. She has the control for each volley he has to pay for if he wants to continue the conversation.

In the beginning because of his interest or questions the knowledge that it was inevitable that he would offer his submission at some point was the trump card she held. His determination was to be cool calm and collected not offering her mind or soul. The body was another element, his had not felt arousal, had not been functioning with that rush of blood causing his mind to give over to his lust. Safe in his own world, unable to be seen, yet each day he looked to see if she left a message a simple hello Tiger, or how is your day Tiger. When these were seen put what he was doing aside and see if the conversation would flow.

Curiosity, calmness, how these two exchanged ideas, found some common ground, the words exchanged like two grown adults having a conversation. He knowing what she did for a living, she not shy about her lifestyle, the questions always probing what the power exchange is and what or how submission was achieved. Interesting enough early on he had a bit of arousal and she edged him on not leave the conversation but to fulfill the need in her honour. Once in over forty chat sessions and one phone call, purchased one file and listening to it daily but no response, so on this day be a brave one he flexed his fingers and asked a question.

The curiosity as to why their chats never turned to female, male innuendos, he was interested to determine if it was the online fantasy, not a real exchange as with her subs in the dungeon etc. Deep in wonderment he asked why she never involved or tried to get the submission to happen, simple answer she had listened and knew his distrust, his previous attempts were all failures, pushing further he commented that not persuasion, his idea his hope was to be blindsided, seduced, a logical covert diversion orchestrated to bring happiness and pleasure to the seducer the Mistress.

Twenty more minutes in chat almost constant banter going back and forth, without knowing it he was giving her how the emotions inside him were reacting, two three word answers appeared on the screen, quick explanations, and then the ultimate response was on his screen, the bases of power exchange, something as simple as kneel, eight or nine more minutes or chat exchanges and he was kneeling and telling Mistress.

Forty more minutes of mostly Mistress explaining concepts to him, the idea he should by a collar, for if they were in life situation at the dungeon, when he kneeled she would have him kiss her boots or shoes, and as he was doing this the leather collar would be slipped on his neck and attached at the back. A constant trigger to his ownership by this Mistress.

Here I am writing almost three hours later and still not sure what has happened but feel that I am owned, hopefully will be trained to please Mistress in ways that she enjoys, and in return will have my body awakened, my mind soothed, but my soul soared to heights only the heavens are aware of.

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