Why vs Logic

Is it just males who get sucked in like the vortex of a hurricane because so many times they think with the head between their thighs not with the given intelligence sitting on their shoulders.

Yes, gender inequality has been around since the devil tempted eve with an apple from the forbidden tree, and that fateful bite caused the stir or change as the story is told. Males have been the driving dominant force for corporations to expand, for governments to go into battle to conquer and expand, as bankers to reinvest and create a controlled wealth, and for many years the keeper of a roof over the family.

Males seek out the female for comfort, nourishment, understanding, and probing to get the last element completed. Females have always been the driving force to keep males in line, to improve the lot in existence, and to protect the good virtue, but normally done behind closed doors and without knowledge of others.

Today women have control of the internet, how because without their beautiful bodies, gorgeous looks, enhancing eyes, the internet would be a jungle of words and printers like harlequin romance would still be the largest selling publications in the world. The stay at home wife, the girlfriend between boyfriends, the maid of honour all reading about their shinning knight with the bulging muscles the chiseled jaw, angular nose and perfect tan, the imaginative angel from the mind of a masturbatory moment which every male ends up being compared too. With graphic interface the images of female fortune is the center of attention grabbing the eyes of money spending males lured to sites, as the old saying goes sex sells.

Female led relationships, dominant women, submissive males, the fantasy that has been brought from the back rooms, the closets, and the dreaded bdsm community into main stream awareness is still only play, not the real encounters of the third kind. Males in true life do not meet these dominant woman, married woman who chastity lock their husbands and brag about it do so only on soap operas or in fantasy world, this kind of excitement written for amusement and on internet sites, yet, when a male seeks out to verify it for himself the slippery slide down into pay as you go is the only experience he will obtain.

Time is money, and energy is never created or destroyed only altered, so the female mind expands and changes the energy so the flow is at her beck and control, the male slowly allows his logic to creep back into his head and the head between his thighs softens, as he rethinks the dilemma realizes that he is just another client, no emotional connection, no true bonding, just a means to exchange finance from his account to another, his gratification not a true testament to today’s way but a fantasy spun through the bits and bytes of this world of computer graphics.

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