Not all thoughts are Equal

Though I have authored some stories on the site of literotica, have reached out to some other authors in the past, that mental connection has been the brain link missed so the nympho reaction of opening up an email, or receiving a text message that creates the mind to send endorphins, or blood flow does not occur. Secondly my mind wanders and expands, capturing the essence of the beautiful women who feel compelled to enter into exchanges of words, always wanting more and the idea of submission vanishes like the summer breeze into the chilled night air of fall. Reading a wonderful story can mentally understand that as one full mature male how much has been missed in my life, how when the yahoo chat rooms were functioning the idea of that submitting was an instrument to relieve the stress of my employment, but the moral obligation of marriage prevented me for further pursuit. A constant dilemma inside my mind is the fantasy of paid domination, why is it that so many women think or believe that they can just assume male loneliness creates the element of one reaching into their wallet and paying for the time and pleasure of a dominant woman. How does a male even know what the kinks are that turn him into this willing subject to shell out the hard earned cash or savings to find that elusive rush of blood and emotional release leading to a mental clarity of satisfaction. Is it that I am too old and set in my vanilla ways, that the idea of seduction, a tender touch of a woman’s finger along the back of my neck, a gaze of eyes that show a reflection of myself in her iris, a curl of the mouth to a seducing smile that melts away the ice, a kiss so soft and tender that shudders along my spine, the holding of hands as one is led to a sofa, chair or sleep station. Romance the wonder that created the fortune for Harlequin Romance Novels, that brought equalization to the gender and generation of ladies bored with their housewife discipline, and made the normal male succumb or be compared to the Adonis’s of the written word, have we all crumbled like the Roman Empire where it is only the privileged few that get to experience the dominate and submissive side of life. One story creates so much thought, unfortunately for me the randy is missing because at this time in my existence the pay for pleasure is a moral conflict within my mind, the second element of confusion is that all this domination seems to be nothing but fantasy, if it is reality the confirmation returns to pay for what you get, most of these pro domme have such a following that a normal widowed male has no clue or roadmap on how to engage, and after spending much of his savings is still left without a jacket standing in the depths of a snowbank.
Sorry about this ramble, I guess what I am trying to understand or enquire from such an artistic Lady; is domination by a female just a fantasy, or can an exchange of brains lead a male to become a nymphobrainiac directed and teased into total submission by a compassionate, seductive and sensual woman.

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