Introduce yourself – who you are, what you do, and where you are.

This may be the most difficult beginning of what will become the exposing or expressing of feelings of an older man looking back on his development of emotional growth. With each sentence or paragraph that is written with the hope that one day he will hear a true dominant woman whisper in his ear good boy.


What You Do

A person who wears many hats and as they are peeled to reveal the head that recalls and expresses the days he grew up and the elements that formed this wish.

What You Do

Woman always found that my unjudgmental conversations, were a sounding board that allowed them to express their inner most feelings of how men or women misunderstood the moments they experienced.

What You Do

In the years before retirement travelled designing and fixing electronic circuit boards in various different operations.

What You Do

Right now, am on a quest to be the best person I can be to understand female led relationships, and to help others through writings of a blog to be free.


Job Title at Company

2005 – 2008

Started off thinking only ten years left to retirement, still seemed like a long way off, was finding that hidden life of the internet through stand alone desktop computers.

Job Title at Company


Fully immersed in the ideas of BDSM and female led relationships, erotic hypnosis, sensual soft female voices toying with the thoughts of submission.

Job Title at Company

2008 – 2012

Three years into the submissive awakening trying to explain to my partner how the commands of a dominant woman could create such interior stirrings.

Job Title at Company

2015 – Present

World travel with a Pentax K50 camera and iPhone camera capturing beauty by mother nature, grieving the loos of my partner, now trying to understand where these feelings started, actually meeting online experienced women to help sort some of this, and feeling good about sharing the pictures.

Let’s make something together.

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