A Moment of Realization

A virtual reality felt like a real life admission. Time is a fleeting experience sometimes repeated continuously, other like grief dragging on and on, or with an awakening like a light bulb switch turning on. Erotic hypnosis is a tool that some ladies who call themselves mistress or goddess use to create that timeless moment,Continue reading “A Moment of Realization”

Male internal struggle, easy seduction

How is it the male has flashbacks to when his libido lusted out of control from the very first early days of his puberty expressing itself with a growing between the thighs either at night while sleeping, or first noticing a girls legs under her school girl tartan skirt, two tone polished shoes, the firstContinue reading “Male internal struggle, easy seduction”

Looking into the wayward way

These past few weeks have been an internal struggle and with a pandemic hanging over and vaccination very slow here in Ontario Canada one must try and internalize the wayward way of thought and emotional collapse. Money is always the balancing act, then there is the loyalty emotion, and lastly is the fear of havingContinue reading “Looking into the wayward way”