Terms and Understanding Them

A misleading title for the ambience or the word terms does it mean those used in the world of female led relationships, those used by the authors of audio seduction, those used by the phone sex operators, or does it signal that internal term of feeling when realizing the fantasy or reality. The male mindContinue reading “Terms and Understanding Them”

Five Decades and still confused

This interesting planted idea of the female led relationship or as some refer to it as dominance and submission. Primary players a domme or dominatrix, could simply be a woman who likes her sexual intimacy under the direction and control of her whim and wish. The submissive is the partner who wants no part ofContinue reading “Five Decades and still confused”

Gripping fantasy or sliding from reality

We have always been taught that as humans not only the thumb but the ability to use our free will. Should one question that the free will is not really free, and will is it a confused state that the male libido interferes with? Questions that only the growth of our relationships can lead toContinue reading “Gripping fantasy or sliding from reality”

Coming to terms with the external excitement generator

In the working world by this time in our age we all passed the apprentice and probably a journeyman, moved up the corporate ladder to middle management or higher, put down the payment and moved into the urban neighbourhood. Our outlook of marriage changing slightly, not all glamour and roses, the children off to school,Continue reading “Coming to terms with the external excitement generator”