Getting from the Thirties to the Forties

Fear from the media front, in my time frame as I moved from the thirties to the forties Y2K was rampant, all computers were going to crash if they ran on msdos because the way the operating chips were read. The last two digits were 99 how could they continue to process with the centuryContinue reading “Getting from the Thirties to the Forties”

Growing a call at a time

With the use of prepaid calling cards, cell phone plans, the hidden costs of keeping the fantasy alive flourished. Yes, a thirty something married man, father of children, junior or senior executive, engineer, designer, or labourer all or none of this mattered online to the dominant woman whom was flexing her power. A business flourishedContinue reading “Growing a call at a time”

Will it be decade by decade?

Working having your own money to spend and the seventies are beginning to show signs of transformation from the industrial society to the society with changes as unions take hold. The changes from a slave to an employer, to the employee realization of importance and power. A male ego propped up, and with a fewContinue reading “Will it be decade by decade?”

Stopping for a moments reflection

With the awkwardness of these teenage dances, the social growing of being comfortable talking with someone whom you liked, emotion growth bounced us into the next phase young adulthood. As a male this became the seesaw battle between education, following a path to professional sports glory, apprenticeships in the trades, or working for a familyContinue reading “Stopping for a moments reflection”

The journey of emotion continues.

The awkward teen years like many other things in life began building the foundation. Emotions mixed, confused, and answers difficult for most of our parents were not versed in helping with the understanding they themselves conflicted with the religion and the pull of personal desire. Remembering back to the days when getting ready to goContinue reading “The journey of emotion continues.”